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19 Jun 2002
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Jarang berblogging!

Huhuhuhu! Sekarang ni asyik malas nak buka blog! Kenapa?

   Hey guys! Nice to meet all of you! So, how about my blog that has long not be written? Do you think how? Ok, I think that all of you do not fell anything because my blog is not important rather than any!

   But, despite my blog has not written, but I never forget to write a novel for faithful readers! Thank you so much for coming to this blog and read the entry that is not how! Thank you so much again!

   I also know that there are some people who do not mind! Whether want to I want to write entry or not, they were not surprised and did not bother! Maybe the people understand me or behind it! I just quite busy with various thing! Final exam already want to come!

   Not just me busy for my exam! My sister who will sit for the UPSR too busy! What are my responsibility? My responsibility is to provide guidance to her! So, it's really no time to write entries!

   Now is the month of August and next month will go in September! UPSR examination in September while, my final exam is in October! So, there was a problem going to write the entries!

   I know that not only me just study! I know that readers who are still learning too busy! So, get that and please understand!

   Just that for today! I will be meet all of you for the next entries! Assalamualaikum and be success! Take care and bye! ;)

I was not very busy! Sometimes play too! :D