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❤Assalamualaikum! Welcome to my pink world! Ctrl w if you hate it. Please be happy and keep smiling!❤
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Izzati Sarafina Hanis Noorhazerin
19 Jun 2002
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Oh , I have a lot of spare time

   Hello to all visitors of this pink blog! I hope that you all are in good health and always will be fine! You're all healthy? If not well, raise your hands up high! If possible, I want high up into the blue sky! Who thought that blue sky? Who is hanging clouds in the sky? Who is coloring the rainbow? Who sent down water?  Who? If anyone can answer, I give a gift!

   You want a gift? But, what a type of gift Izzati want to give? Where there is?! No! There are no gifts! The copyright of all of this is our god, Allah SWT! Understand?  But, why Izzati suddenly want to tell all us about the nature? Why do not tell me about the about the romance of Dahlia and Yusuf? Why do not tell me about the party of the plans?

   Why only on a sudden!? Izzati there is definitely hide anything from us! Aik! Do not think that so! I really just want to ask, just like this! More challenging and the benefits of empty chat! 

   In fact, is the answers! If you guys will figure it out just a little while longer! If you do not want to know, do not read it! Simple!
   Okay, let's chat about this! I actually, I do not feel very well today! So, I beg you all to hear it to this story right! Actually, this is the answer to all of you why, did I suddenly compose entry on this day using English language! 

   Well, before I want to tell you, you all of have to promise for me first! Do not laugh at me if this is the ideal thing ridiculous but this is what I have always dreamed of! :)

   Really want to hear? All of you really want to know? If we want to know as well, let's continue to read! Do not leave even one word! Remember that! Please remember! Please remember! Remember! REMEMBER!

   You all know that I'm really interested to write a novel! And I already wrote three novels! The third novel that is on its ways! What a type of language I'm using? Tamil language? Chinese language? Arabic language? (Do not fell okay Yusuf) Surely the Malay language! Malay language!

   Actually, if anyone actually read my bio clearly, Insya-Allah, you knows it! My dream!

   What is my dream? Yes, exactly! Fantastic! I want to compose a English novel! Is that funny? Do not laugh! If I can dream it, it means that I can do it! So, do not laugh and pray fore me!

   So, just that today! Hahaha, really funny right! So, thank you for waste your time at here! Assalamualaikum and bye!