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Izzati Sarafina Hanis Noorhazerin
19 Jun 2002
Penang ja
Pink forever! Don't make me angry!
Act like a lady, think like a boss
Saya kat sini


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Hi! Let's know about me! (if you want)

 Izzati Sarafina Hanis bt Noorhazerin
 19 June 2002
 Sekolah kebangsaan dato kramat! (primary school)
 Sekolah menengah kebangsaan abdullah munshi! (secondary school)
 Act like a lady, think like a boss
Want to be a syariah lawyer/teacher

I love...     

Allah SWT
Rasulullah SAW!
 My other family!
 Nice friends and teacher!
sakura's flower
 Strawberry (Always strawberry! No matter the type of dessert or drink but must be strawberry!)
Poor people
Rainy and midnight(Because in midnight have many shiny star! Not everyday!)
 Bass sound!image

I hate...

Bully head
Like pointing
Kpop(but i do not care if you like kpop! This is me, and that is you!)
 Make up and fashion!

I scare with...

Allah SWT!
When the lizards are jumping!

I sad with...

 poor people
 civilian victim of war

I don't care...

 what people want to traduce about me! I do not care about the other who is not important to myself! I will be myself and stand by my lifestyle! But, I will be nice and do not care if you want to become friends with me! Please don't make me angry and be courteous!

I start be a blogger and the reasons why are...

 I start be a blogger since 31 October 2015! That time I was only 13 years old!
 The reasons why I want to be a blogger because I think, be a blogger very interesting!

 I  ISLAM!